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Our case studies

We develop very close relationships with our customers and in many cases have being apart of their projects, see some of the projects we have worked on with them

RockSalt Lifestyle Café

Private Label

From our first meeting with Daniel, it was very clear that he wanted to create something unique and special for RockSalt - after all, he was returning to his hometown after 10 years away. So we got to work and decided to make this coffee experience completely unique by sourcing a Speciality Grade Coffee blend exclusively for RockSalt.

Together with our Roastery we looked at the food, competition and demographic around Dundalk and created a beautiful coffee that has been central to the success of RockSalt. Once we created the perfect coffee, we needed to provide the best Espresso Equipment to ensure maximum consistency and flavour. We also factored in aesthetics, volume and budget.

Designing bespoke packaging was also important for Daniel and together we created RockSalt retail coffee, so people can experience this coffee at home. Further still, together we developed a Fully Recyclable Solution for their take-away business and a Loose Leaf Tea concept.

To maintain standards, we work closely with the team at RockSalt and provide consistent training and monitoring ensuring RockSalt stay at the top of their game!

Matrix Internet

Office Coffee Solution

While working with the team in Matrix on a different project, Jeff the owner mentioned they were moving office and wanted to create a Coffee Concept integral to the Experience and Service they deliver to existing and potential clients. We met with Jeff and explained the services we provide. He was very impressed with our concept and because of this, gave us an open book to create something out of the ordinary – very trusting!

As the majority of his team are internationals and avid coffee drinkers, we created a Compact Barista-Style setup using equipment from Expobar, Eureka and Marco. This way, the only limitation on coffee quality was The Skill, The Will and Training to put it all together! We installed the equipment and we provided training - to get the best out of their coffee, which was great fun and a great bonding session for his growing team!

Our evolving plan is to send random coffee blends in order to experience coffees with different Roast Colours and Origins.

The Happy Cup Café

When we met with Laura and Gintaras - the owners of The Happy Cup Café, we were amazed to see how hard they work to maintain the quality they are renowned for in their local area. They already had good coffee equipment - but felt they could improve the quality and overall delivery of coffee to their customers. We set out a plan of action and looked at key areas where we felt improvements could be made, not only to increase quality and consistency but also work-flow to relieve some unnecessary pressure around the coffee machine. We carried out one of our Academy Courses “History of Coffee and Barista Skills” as they already had a good base to work from, this was the next level for them to achieve. It was important to them that key staff members were able to maintain the high standards - consistency for their customers is paramount!

We set the volumetrics on their coffee machine to setup the new recipe and also introduced a premium scales to measure the dose, as they were using a traditional grinder with dosing chamber. Over time we then introduced a top-end Nuovo Simonelli grinder that would deliver a consistent dose and grind size for even extraction.

We are currently developing a Retail Coffee - by pure demand, so The Happy Cup Café brand can continue to grow in the Co. Meath area.

Our brands

We are so proud of our brand partners from Marley Coffee who push the boundaries of ethical and sustainability to Crem International and the famous La Marzocco who manufacture the finest in class specialty coffee equipment.