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Coffee with a Cause

We at Coffee Perfection are proud to have partnered with Childhood Cancer Ireland for the last 10 years.

By purchasing our special Childhood Cancer Research coffee blend, you will help to provide children and their siblings with Beads of Courage® – a programme brought to Ireland and funded by Childhood Cancer Ireland.

Childhood Cancer Ireland

Childhood Cancer Ireland is the national parent and survivor-led charity, providing vital supports tofamilies at one of the most difficult times of their lives. As parents and survivors, they know exactly what it’s like to be plunged into this terrifying new reality and they know the difference support can make to the fight..

Every year, an average of 350 children, adolescents and young adults (aged 0 – 24) are diagnosed with cancer in Ireland. Thankfully survival rates have increased but there is often a cost and children and young people live with long term and late effects from the treatment that was necessary to save their lives. Childhood Cancer Ireland is there at every stage of the journey.

Beads – A Symbol of Courage

These are my daughter Sadie’s beads of courage, all 1,662 of them. She is a fierce 5 year old now, having been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer at 5 weeks old. By 6 weeks old she’d finished her first round of chemotherapy. She rang the bell in March 2022 after nearly four years of treatment.

Each bead represents a part of her journey, from hundreds of routine dressings changes to ICU transfers. Yellow beads for each night in hospital, hundreds of white beads for days of chemotherapy, beads for proton radiation treatment in Germany, immunotherapy, countless needle pokes, general anesthesia, blood transfusions, spinal surgeries, stem cell harvest, and many, many more. We were one of the lucky ones and Sadie collected that much dreamed of ‘End of Treatment bead’. Each bead symbolises a story of strength, honour and hope.

Support for Parents

Childhood Cancer Ireland also supports parents with peer-to-peer support. They know that there is nothing like speaking to another parent who understands what you are going through.

This year, they launched a new series of workshops to help parents begin to heal from the trauma the entire family has been through, helping to start recovery and learning to live with the ever- present fear of recurrence.

To find out more about how you are supporting the wonderful work of Childhood Cancer Ireland visit or follow them on social media.

Enjoy a fantastic coffee and support a worthy cause at the same time