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Coffee Subscriptions

At Coffee Perfection we are committed to ensuring sustainability is placed at the heart of everything we do.

We have embarked on a journey of continuous improvement, working in partnership with our roastery to make ongoing changes to our business to reduce the use of plastic, maintain sustainable farming practices, and help the environment.


We made a conscious decision in our business to move away from cheap mass produced plastic disposable cups in February 2018.

We teamed up with a local Irish company to manufacture our cups in Ireland. This not only has put more business back into our economy but we are proud to say it has reduced the use of over 1m plastic cups each year.

Reusable Water Filters

By switching to reusable water filters we have prevented over 300 plastic cartridges going to landfill in the last 12 months.

Our water filters can be regenerated, recycled and returned to market making it a genuinely green filter providing not only protection for your equipment, but protecting the environment and keeping our oceans and landfill free from plastic.



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