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Coffee & Tea

This hands down is some of the finest coffee you are ever likely to taste… you might say its Coffee Perfection.

Coffee Perfection has a diverse range of coffees to compliment all Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Hotels and Offices. Our Traditional style coffees are bold, complex and great to work with, and our more modern Speciality coffee blends are fruity, bright and rewarding.

Coffee Perfection is committed to bringing you the freshest, ethically roasted coffee available, our Roastery have 4 Q-Graders meaning we have the expertise and knowledge to continue that drive to you, our customer.

“We hope you enjoy our coffees as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them”

05 Espresso Blend

05 is one of our most diverse coffee’s, it’s a popular choice for hotels and restaurants as it appeals to all coffee drinkers. It is simply a great tasting coffee no matter what way you take it;
As Espresso it is sweet and fruity, with milk or served black it is smooth with a nice chocolate flavours

  • Origins: Brazil, Latin America, Vietnam & Colombia
  • Tasting Notes: This is a wonderfully balanced coffee with great sweetness, hints of milk chocolate and slight fruitiness
  • Medium Roast
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09 Espresso Blend

09 is a coffee full of character, it is bold, full bodied and complex. We love how easy to use this coffee can be as it doesn’t need an exact recipe to be enjoyed. A great choice for the office as it works well in automatic coffee machines and in a more traditional setup. A superb americano and with milk you get an abundance of flavour.

  • Origins: Brazil, India, Colombia, Latin America
  • Tasting Notes: A powerful blend of flavours with hints of malt, chocolate and hazelnuts. A creamy lingering coffee with complexity and balance.
  • Medium/Dark Roast
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14 Speciality Blend

Originally created in 2014 hence the name this superb blend has recently being reworked using only Speciality Grade Arabicas it is fast becoming one of our most impressive coffees. This is a modern tasting blend and is for the Coffee Shop or Restaurant that want to be considered as a destination for coffee lovers. We don’t have a favourite as it works extremely well across all beverages.

  • Origins: Brazil Mogiana, Colombia Huila & Sumatra Mandheling
  • Tasting Notes: This blend offers caramel and ripe red apple aroma with good sweetness and a dash of acidity. Flavours of hazelnuts, ripe apple and apricot with a smooth body.
  • Medium Roast
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18 Speciality Blend

18 is the latest edition to our portfolio, it is made with some of the most exclusive coffees from around the world. Using only speciality grade arabicas 18 is likely to be the best coffee you have tasted with milk, it is extremely moreish and will make you want cup after cup. Great as a house blend or even as a guest roast with its complex flavours it is for any Café or Coffee Shop that wants a little something special from their coffee.

  • Origins: Brazil Mogiana, Sumatra Mandheling & Kenya AA
  • Tasting Notes: Citrus acidity, Vanilla sweetness and Apricot notes finished with a complimentary cocoa aftertaste
  • Light/Medium Roast
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Single Origin Filter Coffee

Sourced from the famous Huila region of Western Colombia this is a beautiful filter coffee. We use this same coffee for all our brewing equipment, it is the ideal bulk brew for weddings and conferencing.

  • Origin: 100% Colombia Huila
  • Tasting Notes: This coffee is wonderfully bright and fruity, with notes of toffee apple and blackcurrant. This coffee has a complex juicy body with great sweetness throughout and subtle notes of dark chocolate in the finish.

Fruit and Herbal

Peppermint Leaf

This intoxicating brew revives the senses, and is a great palate cleanser when taken with rich food.

Health Benefits – Aids digestion, boosts your immune system and is a great stress reliever

Whole Camomile

A soothing mellow brew with hints of butter and a floral nose. Well known for its calming properties and is naturally caffeine free.

Health Benefits – Promotes better sleep patterns, great for your skin and boosts your immunity.

Summer Berries

Vivid on the eye, bold on the nose and intensely fruity on the palate.

Health Benefits - high in vitamin C, a vitamin well known for aiding in the rebuilding of body tissues and for giving the immune system a good boost

Single Estate

Floral China Green

From the Enshi area of Hubei this green tea is farmed early April and has a beautiful floral aroma.

Health Benefits – Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients green tea helps with fat loss and improves brain function

Signature Black Teas

Afternoon Blend

This is proper tea !.... A beautiful blend of Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and India. Refreshing served black and great with milk.

Health Benefits – Helps to reduce blood pressure and promotes a healthy heart.

Earl Grey

Southern Italian Bergamot, Saffron Flowers with fine black tea makes this refreshing and full of aromatics.

Health Benefits – Aids in digestion and weight loss and is also good for your teeth.


Our chai tea combines the classic mix of chai spices with the warmth of vanilla which finishes the tea nicely. This tea definitely benefits from a little milk and a dash of sugar to really lift the spices.

Health Benefits – Helps to wake you up and is great for aches and pains or generally feeling under the weather.

Why our Coffee always tastes so good

It takes 4-5 years from planting before coffee cherries are ripe and ready for harvest, then a further 6 months before they're in our cup. We believe that all coffee deserves some respect, that's why we go to such lengths to ensure our coffee is the best it can be.

Would you like to know more about a Coffee Perfection service?

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Our brands

We are so proud of our brand partners from Marley Coffee who push the boundaries of ethical and sustainability to Crem International and the famous La Marzocco who manufacture the finest in class specialty coffee equipment.