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1:2 & 1:2.5 Brew Ratio for Coffee Perfection

17-18g ground coffee in > 36ml – 45ml espresso out = 24 – 30 seconds


  • Clean & dry your portafilter to prepare for dosing your ground coffee.
  • Dose your coffee according to your recipe.
  • Distribute the coffee evenly in the filter basket.
  • Tamp the coffee down with Medium/firm pressure
  • Flush water through the group head to ensure a stable temperature and fresh water is used for every brew.
  • Gently insert the group handle & start brewing.
  • Time extraction in line with your recipe.From this you’ll be able to tell which way to adjust your grind setting to create your perfect espresso of your recipe that was given.


  • A finer grind will slow your shot down and give you more extraction time, which means you’ll get more sweetness and increase the amount flavours unique to your coffees origin. However, be careful not to “over-extract” or you’ll have a bitter and dry tasting espresso.
  • A coarser grind will speed your shot up and give you less extraction time. If you’re over extracting and the espresso is tasting bitter, you need to extract less to bring your espresso shot back to the sweet spot.