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Our Complete Service

We understand that every business is unique and has different needs.

We pride ourselves in having a passionate and professional approach. From sourcing the best coffee available to serving the finest cup of coffee possible, we believe we have the full coffee solution for any business. Below you will find our complete service.

Our Coffee

We only source the highest quality coffees from around the world. Our quality control measures go from farm to cup, ensuring our coffee consistently lives up to expectation.

This ensures you will always receive the freshest and ethically sourced coffee for your customers. We have created a complete range of coffee blends, filter and single origin coffees. These coffees are perfectly balanced for your customers to enjoy and your business to benefit.

Equipment Solutions

We have partnered with the best coffee machine manufacturers from around the world. We only supply machines that are made from quality and durable parts but don’t compromise on aesthetics.

From traditional espresso machines to fully automatic bean to cup machines. We have a diverse range of professional equipment that will continue to make great tasting coffee. We can tailor a equipment package that suits your business no matter the size.

Partner Training

We believe coffee training is just as important as roasting the highest quality coffee. Our training program is complimentary to all our wholesale partners and is separated into 2 parts. barista training and coffee audits.

Our barista training is on-going and available on-site or in our coffee studio. Our coffee audits are there to provide on going evaluation of your coffee offering, as we want to give you the best foundation to consistently deliver great tasting coffee.

Private Label

Create your brand from a selection of the highest quality coffee blends, packed in a bespoke bag suited to your customers and you.

If you want your own unique experience and individual style then private label is for you. With achievable minimum order quantities, establishing your own brand has never been more possible.

Customer Support

Do you have any questions that need answering? Or problems that need solving? We pride ourselves in having the best level of after sales support.

Our customer support team are available to help you with any assistance you need. We want to make sure our customers are responded to within a reasonable time honestly, personally and proactively. Call us anytime, we are here to help and to make your experience as positive as possible.

Hand Delivery

We like to get your order out fast and efficiently, and we always want to create a personal touch. We provide a full delivery service from a courtesy telephone call to delivery the very next day.

We place all our wholesale partners on a convenient delivery schedule and hand deliver your order. This also means that we get to visit our wholesale partners on a regular basis.

Wherever you are in your journey - we have the solution for you