Sage Oracle Touch Stainless Steel


The Oracle Touch from Sage has made it easier than ever to be your own barista.

Automation at Every Stage.

Automated, touch screen operation simplifies how to make your favourite coffee in three easy steps – grind, brew and milk. You can easily adjust the coffee strength, milk texture or temperature to suit your taste. Then save it with your own unique name. Create and save up to 8 personalised beverages.

The revolutionary integrated conical burr grinder gives you the perfect dose of coffee and tamps your coffee all in one swift action.

A proper coffee is a delicate balance of espresso flavour and rich sweet milk with a micro-foam texture. The steam wand, powered by a dedicated steam boiler, automatically textures milk to your taste and preferred temperature, delivering barista quality silky micro-foam that enhances the flavour of your coffee. Then it cleans itself!

The innovative One Touch Americano feature delivers a double espresso, and then separately through a dedicated spout, fills the cup with hot water, the same way as any good commercial machine.

Want Coffee Perfection, every time? Be sure to read our Brew Guide for home espresso machines.

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Learn to Brew Like a Pro

Picking up a new Coffee Machine? Achieving Coffee Perfection is as much about technique as it is equipment. Our Tea and Coffee Academy courses are designed to help you level up your skills, no matter your previous experience, as you learn the craft from our team of certified baristas.

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Included Accessories

Knock Box Mini.

58mm Full Stainless Steel Portafilter.

Single & Double Filter Baskets.

480ml Stainless Steel Milk Jug.

Steam Wand Spare Parts.

Cleaning Kit.

Water Hardness Test Strip.

ClaroSwiss Water Filter.


Dual Stainless Steel Boilers for Steam & Coffee.

Touch Screen Operation 5 pre-programmed Café favourites, create, save and name 8 custom beverages.

Automatic Steam wand controls milk temperature and texture.

Integrated Grinder & Automartic Tamper Auto Clean Function.

Adjustable Grind Control.

Hot Water Tap for Tea & Americano.

280g Coffee Bean Hopper.

2.5 Ltr Water Tank.

Choice of finishes: Black Truffle & Brushed Stainless Steel
2 Year Repair Limited Product Warranty

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