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Grinders, Boilers & Brewers

A lot of the time barista machine add on's like coffee grinders and water boilers can be over looked with the beautiful espresso machines taking centre stage. We like to think of these a little differently!

Without a consistent grinder how are we supposed to make Coffee Perfection? Without a stable Eco-Boiler how are we going to cope with the large amount of americano and tea orders?

We'll help you decide what additional equipment you'll need to get the best out of your coffee.

Expobar Pulse On-Demand Coffee Grinder

The professional Pulse On-Demand Coffee Grinder is designed to work with all professional espresso machines, introducing a perfect balance between performance and practicality.

High Performance Grinding System
- 65mm & 75mm Flat Burrs
- Hardened steel coating
- High precision and step less micro adjustment
- High grinding speed, up to 5.5 grams per second with 0.2 grams +/- consistency
- Noise reduction
- Easy-to-use high resolution digital display
- Counters
- Single or double shot
- Continuous/ Start and stop button
- Portafilter LED light
- Hands free system and adjustable fork in height and outlet to fit different portafilters.

Optional Extras
- Smoked hopper
- 2kg hopper
- Titanium Coated Burrs

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Mythos One

Mythos One, the first on-demand grinder from Nuova Simonelli with Clima Pro technology, the innovative intelligent management of milling chamber temperature that ensures constant dose and therefore a better quality of espresso extraction.

Key Features
- Clump crusher
- Clima Pro technology
- Stop and Go barista mode
- LCD display
- Micrometric grinding system
- Long life burrs
- Portafilter hook

- Precise, fast and reliable
- High production (grinds more than 18kg of coffee an hour)

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Marco Eco-boiler

The exceptionally compact, highly stylish and energy efficient boilers deliver great tasting hot water at consistent temperatures and not only offer excellent performance but also savings on your energy bills. It is available in either a 5 litre or 10 litre capacity.

Key Features
- 5/10 litre capacity
- Stainless steel
- Highly energy efficient
- Precise temperature control
- Electronic controls
- Easy to descale and service
- Compact footprint
- Made with 95% recyclable material

Optional Extras
- Tap and push button
- Under-counter
- 5, 10 & 20ltr

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Marco Bru F45M

The Marco Bru F45M enables you to brew high quality, deliciously aromatic coffee. It is also exceptionally user friendly thanks to an easy clean design.

Key Features
- 1.8 litre capacity
- Stainless steel and plastic
- Professional grade brewer
- Manual fill means no plumbing required
- Two 160mm warming plates
- Energy efficient
- Improved spray head performance
- Easy to service

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We are so proud of our brand partners from Marley Coffee who push the boundaries of ethical and sustainability to Crem International and the famous La Marzocco who manufacture the finest in class specialty coffee equipment.