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No matter your preference we dont judge. We have a beautful diverse range of Coffee Blends that will please the more traditional palate and even tingle the taste buds of the diserning coffee enthusiast and geeks alike.
Proper tea should be savoured, celebrated and enjoyed. Take your time. Brew it properly. You’ll notice the difference.
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From an Introduction to Coffee to professional barista courses our Coffee and Tea Academy has something for everybody
Our on-going barista training makes sure you continue to brew great coffee consistent!
Your Baristas can leave us with a qualification!
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At the Coffee and Tea Academy of Ireland we aim to have a maximum capacity of 5 students per course ensuring you get the much needed time and attention from our trainers.

Introduction to Coffee

½ Day course approx. 4 – 5 hours

This course is designed to give you the essential barista skills you need to get you started on your new exciting career into the coffee world.

  • An introduction to the espresso machine and coffee grinder.
  • Basic understanding on the skills to set your grinder and dose correctly.
  • How to make the perfect espresso
  • Learn how to get perfect milk texture for Cappuccino, Latte and Flat White
  • Chocolate Drinks
  • Basic daily care and cleaning of equipment.

Total Cost €145

Includes framed certificate

History of Coffee and Barista Skills

Full Day Course approx. 8 -9 hours

This Course is aimed at baristas who are looking to improve their skills and gain more knowledge. It is designed to leave you with a deeper understanding of what makes a great espresso-based coffee and the skills to deliver it.

  • A history of coffee beans. Learning the process from farm to cup.
  • Introduction to cupping. (basic sensory skills)
  • Speciality Coffee
  • Principles of grinding, machine maintenance and trouble shooting.
  • Effects on the grind on extraction
  • EBF (espresso brew formula) and setting a recipe
  • Introduction to latte art. Achieving consistent steaming technique and temperature.
  • Menu building and efficient workflow.
  • Practical Exam

Total Cost €220

Includes framed certificate upon passing practical exam

City & Guilds Certified - Barista Skills Level 2

Full 3 Day Course

The idea of this course is to ensure delegates use their espresso machine and equipment to deliver excellent coffee. They will also gain an introduction to the coffee industry.

Course Objectives

  • To gain an introduction of coffee from bean to cup
  • The perfect espresso and understanding the setting up of the grinder ‘dialling in’.
  • Understand the importance of steaming and frothing milk effectively
  • Gain an introduction of tea and chocolate
  • Prepare five gourmet drinks

Day One

  • Espresso
    Making the perfect espresso.
    Understanding the grind and producing an espresso with using correct techniques.
    Machine troubleshooting.
  • Filter Coffee
    How to correctly brew filter coffee.
  • History of Coffee
    To gain information on the origins of coffee an how they grow.
    To understand the coffee plant the different types of coffee the processing and roasting.
  • Milk Textures
    Understanding the different coffees and how to achieve correct milk for each

Day Two

  • Tea
    Knowing the four categories of tea and its history
    Understanding the process of tea from plant to how we use it
    Brewing Rules
  • Chocolate
    History of chocolate and how its grown.
    Process of chocolate from plant to how its used today
  • Smoothie
    The main differences between smoothies and juices
    How to create a smoothie following a recipe

Day Three

  • Theory exam
    20 Question exam
  • Practical Exam/Skills Demo
    Prepare and Serve your gourmet drinks

Price €730

Our brands

We are so proud of our brand partners from Marley Organic Coffee who push the boundaries of ethical and sustainability to Crem International and the famous La Marzocco who manufacture the finest in class specialty coffee equipment.