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Wholesale Bean To Cup Machines

Bean to Cup Machines are the perfect solution if you want to make great quality coffee in your office or on your busy coffee dock.

They provide an easy-to-use way of creating a fantastic coffee experience for your customers and your employees. We partner with the brand Swiss brand Rex Royal to provide the perfect solution for your new concept.

Rex Royal Range

Rex Royal S1

Enjoy the outstanding performance and reliability of a Swiss-made Rex-Royal bean-to-cup coffee machine with the compact, stylish and highly efficient S1. Designed to empower go-getting bakeries, small restaurants, hair salons and offices, the Rex-Royal S1 produces great tasting drinks using a powerful and patented metal brewing unit that delivers optimal flavour extraction. From beautiful tasting espresso to delicious flat whites.

Capacity: Up to 100 Cups per day

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Rex Royal S2

The S2 from Rex Royal is the perfect fully automatic bean to cup machine for cafés, offices and hotels. The S2’s high-quality, high performance metal brewing unit, delivers optimal extraction for fabulous coffee. The intuitive, video-capable 7″ touch screen can be programmed for up to 24 drinks. It’s easy to operate and with visual on-screen prompts, easy to clean. It comes with a number of accessories and customisation options.

Capacity: Up to 150 Cups per Day

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Rex Royal S300

Our most popular bean to cup machine, the Rex Royal S300 will give even the best barista a run for their money. This is the perfect choice when you are looking for a fully automatic commercial coffee machine that delivers on both drink selection and volume. The patented brewing unit guarantees accurate, consistent extraction, while the steel grinding disks ensure a smooth dispense and wonderful aroma. The S300 with its well-designed 10.1” touch screen control panel makes it ideal for most self-service locations, hotels and large offices.

Capacity: Up to 250 Cups per Day

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Rex Royal S500

No barista required here! The S500 from Rex Royal is a powerhouse, with up to three grinders, and the option to provide two choices of fresh milk, your coffee choices are endless! Three separate boilers mean there’s hot water for crafting an espresso, steaming milk, and dispensing hot water for tea all at the same time. This machine is for high volume of coffee in hotels, large office and coffee to go stations.

Capacity: 250+ Cups per Day

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Whether its a recommendation for the best equipment to suit your needs or a general question about our range, we're on hand to guide you to Coffee Perfection.