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Without a consistent grinder, you’ll struggle to achieve Coffee Perfection

Our range of Compak Grinders will eliminate inconsistencies that can spoil your extraction, ensuring your customers enjoy the same level of quality from every cup.

Compak Grinders

Cube Automatic Tamper

Improve consistency, increase speed and improve workflow. An automatic tamper, like the Cube Tamp from Compak can not only make your coffee more consistent and your coffee service run more efficiently, but can also help improve barista wellbeing, reducing the risks of wrist injury as a result of the repetitive movement of manual coffee tamping. The Cube gives you excellent control over the pressure of your tamps, which makes it easier to reproduce excellent espresso shot after shot and thanks to its small footprint it will fit perfectly on your work bench. We also think it looks really cool too!

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One of the classics, the K6 is a traditional espresso grinder that many of us probably learned how to make coffee with when we started. Full control over the dose of coffee and grind size this grinder is complete with a grinding chamber and portafilter folk to easily guide your coffee ready for your next espresso.

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Grinding to the next level! The Compak F8 DBW RS is top of the range, featuring red speed burrs with 10 x the lifespan of regular burrs and unmatched temperature control there is no amount of volume that this grinder cant handle. The innovative dose by weight system gives you the perfect dose every single time and paired with the micro metric grinding system will allow you to fine tune any coffee from any origin. Just use fresh coffee beans and let the F8 DBW RS do the rest.

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For coffee businesses that are chasing the perfect coffee. Fast becoming one of our favourite machines, the Compak E8 Dose by Weight coffee grinder is a barista’s dream. There is now no need for a bench scales or a longwinded and sometimes stressful “dialling in” time. The integrated scale gives you an accurate dose of ground coffee so you can follow your recipe with ease, simply let the grinder know your dose of coffee and it will deliver that with a consistency of +/- 0.3g every time. Tweak your grind size and you’ll brewing shot after shot with perfect workflow.

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The Compak E8 On-Demand coffee grinder is our most popular grinder. It is the perfect partner to your traditional espresso machine with its fast and consistent grinding time. Grind 18g of our coffee blend in under 4 seconds and have consistency of +/- 0.3gs. An easy to use work horse of a grinder that will keep your coffee shop, restaurant or mobile food truck brewing shot after shot.

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Whether its a recommendation for the best equipment to suit your needs or a general question about our range, we're on hand to guide you to Coffee Perfection.